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-Our Mission-

To provide the highest quality hemp products possible at an affordable price.

-Our Story-

We started off small, with a simple idea in mind. Create a high quality hemp wick, and sell it for a fair price. Work hard, and pass the savings on to our customers. Innovate, and make hemp wick easier for people to use. Our hemp wick is made from the finest ingredients Mother Nature has to offer: pure hemp fibers dipped in 100% pure American beeswax; that’s it. No fillers, no added chemicals, no GMO’s, just pure hemp and beeswax for the cleanest burning hemp wick on the market.


 Our story began in 2013, when his friend Max first introduced the owner Joe to hemp wick. Joe immediately fell in love with hemp wick; he was not, however, in love with the price the local smoke shops were selling it. Joe saw the potential the hemp wick had, but as a broke college student, he didn’t want to break the bank just for a couple feet of wick. He knew there must be others out there like him, who wanted to eliminate butane but simply could not afford hemp wick at the prices the smoke shops were selling it for. That is when Joe began to do some research on how to make his own hemp wick. After countless hours of trial and error with countless hemp/beeswax companies, he finally found a combination of a high quality organic hemp wick that he could sell for a cheaper price than the competition, and thus the Bee Wick Hemp Company was born.


Fast-forward five years to today: the company has sold over 5 million feet of hemp wick to over 30 different countries. Smoke shops all across the world carry Bee Wick Hemp, and although many customers have claimed they would pay twice as much for a wick of that quality, Joe has never raised his prices, staying committed to his original dream: sell a better hemp wick for a better price, and always make sure the customer is happy.

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