The difference between using butane lighters versus hemp wick is pretty significant. With hemp wick, you burn a cleaner flame without that acrid smell. Your hemp experience should be relaxing and soothing to your soul, and using high quality hemp wick can help get you there. Bee Wick Hemp wants to make sure you get that high quality product while not having to break the bank to get it or having to wait a long time for overseas shipping.

So what makes our hemp wick so stellar? We make our hemp wick with only two all-natural ingredients: pharmaceutical-grade beeswax and 100% organic hemp. 

Our hemp wick keeps a natural golden brown color, not a blackish grey like some other companies' wicks. Our wick is also is made fresh and is stored with extreme care, keeping it from getting dried out. And the best part is, we don't charge a fortune for it. 

We believe our hemp products are the way of the future. They are inexpensive, durable and even good for the environment—something we know you appreciate.

Here are some other nuggets of information about our hemp wick products:

  • Our hemp wick is made with pharmaceutical grade beeswax, meaning it is guaranteed to be over 99.9% pure
  • Our hemp is also 100% organic and all natural
  • All orders are shipped the next business day
  • Affordable shipping worldwide (really cheap shipping to Canada!)
  • Made in America (with US/imported materials)
  • Better quality for a cheaper price than other brands
Bee Wick Hemp is based in Southern California, but we ship our all-natural hemp wick products all over the country, meaning minimal shipping costs. With humble beginnings as two college guys making hemp wick in a garage, our goal is to provide a more affordable option for better hemp products. We just wanted to make our dream of running a hemp-related business come true, and we get to do that by sharing an amazing product with you.
Start saving money while lighting up today with Bee Wick Hemp!

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