Hemp Wick by Bee Wick

Bee Wick hemp wick is made with pharmaceutical grade beeswax and a 100% organic hemp twine for the cleanest burn possible. Everything is handmade by us here in our California location and each product is triple-checked to ensure quality. The best part is that we are cheaper than most (if not all) of the other hemp wick companies. Avoid inhaling toxic fumes from butane lighters and enjoy the smooth taste of your smoke by lighting up with Bee Wick hemp wick!

Bee Wick Hemp

The smell and fussiness of standard butane lighters is a concern for many people, especially the disposable types in which the cost does add up little by little over the years. Traditional matches are generally not a practical alternative as they need to stay fully dry in order to work. Fortunately, there is an alternative that more people are turning to in order to save money and have a better, cleaner burning flame without the butane smell.

What is Bee Wick Hemp?

Beeswax as part of an all natural hemp wick burns clean, without the harsh smell of butane lighters. It is one of the cleanest burning sources on Earth. In fact, this wholesale hemp wick actually removes pollution from the air when it is lit.

However, many people also enjoy using the wick because it is cheaper than buying lighters repeatedly once the butane runs out. A normal order of the all natural hemp wick last longer, burns cleaner and large orders include a hemp wick lighter sleeve.

There are two sizes of wicks, thick and thin. For those who generally use a lighter indoors, the thin wick is perfect. However, for outdoor and especially windy conditions, the thicker wick works better. While the thicker wick can be a little tougher to put out, it is far more durable.

The Benefits of Bee Wick Hemp

There are a number of reasons why you should choose Bee Wick Hemp as your all natural hemp wick company.

USA-Made: The wholesale help wick is made in Southern California by a dedicated team that strives to produce the best product possible. This assures the best quality standards as the production process is overseen in a single facility.

99.9% Pure: Only medicinal-grade beeswax is used in the creation of the wicks. This means that the beeswax is guaranteed 99.9% pure and contains no additives or fillers. In addition, 100% organic help twine is used as well to create the cleanest possible burn.

Low Price: Because the entire operation takes place in the US, the overhead is minimal and the savings are passed on to the customers.

Free Lighter Cover: With orders of 50’ and up, free hemp wick lighter sleeve is included which adds even more value to the product.

Next Business Day Shipping: All orders are shipped out the next business day. There are even times when an order can be sent out the same day. Shipping our orders quickly gets you the wholesale hemp wick even faster.

For those who use standard disposable butane lighters often, a wholesale hemp wick made from all-natural products will provide for you a safe, trusted means of lighting time after time. For those who have been looking for a way to save money while creating a better, cleaner flame, this is the product for you.

All products are handmade and triple check to ensure the highest quality standards. For information, please go to Bee Hemp Wick as see why more people are using this all natural hemp wick that burns clean and saves money over the long run.