Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Bee Wick different from the other hemp wick companies?

There are a few things that make us different. We only use medicinal-grade beeswax to make our wick, which means our beeswax is guaranteed 99.9% pure with no additives or fillers. All of our products are made in Southern California by a small (but growing) team of dedicated employees (nothing made in China like the other guys), and our prices are lower than other hemp wick companies. 

How can you afford to sell your hemp wick so cheap?

We can afford to sell our wick for less because we do not spend money on flashy advertising or expensive web/product designs. We only spend what we need to make a great product, and we pass the savings on to our customers. We have a loyal fan base that is growing; we feel that a great product at a fair price will sell itself.

How long will it take for my order to be shipped?

We ship all orders the next business day after they are ordered. Sometimes we even ship the same business day if the order is placed early enough. We know our fans want their wick as soon as possible, so we make it a priority to get our products shipped out fast.

I'm still skeptical about the whole hemp wick thing. How do I even know it is better than using a regular lighter?

To be honest, we do not know if it is healthier than a regular lighter. But from years of personal experience, I can tell you that you definitely experience better taste and less harshness when using hemp wick. Beeswax is also the cleanest burning source of fuel known to man- it actually removes pollution from the air when lit. Still, we aren't scientists, so we cannot say for sure. Another reason our customers enjoy using our wick is because it is cheaper than buying lighters all the time.