About Us

The Bee Wick Hemp Company started in January of 2013. The owner, Joe Ferrigno, started the business in his garage with his high school friend Max, who later left the company to pursue a nursing degree. 

They started the business when Joe noticed that Max made the best hemp wick that he had ever tried, only using two all natural ingredients- Beeswax and Hemp. He was in his final semester of college when Max started making the wick, and soon it became clear that this awesome hemp wick needed to be shared with the world.

Joe graduated from Chico State in spring of 2013, earning his Business Degree with an option in Entrepreneurship/Small Business Management. He has been a long-time fan of hemp products, and he always wanted to start a business that would make the world a better place and save people money. 

Our philosophy is that making the customer happy is what makes a business successful, so we strive to do everything we can to make sure the customer is satisfied. We love hearing recommendations of how we can be a better company from our customers, so please contact us with any questions/comments.

If you are interested in joining the Bee Wick team, contact us on the contact page or by emailing us at joe@beewickhemp.com!