Bee Balm Hemp Lip Balm is here! February 28 2015, 0 Comments

The day has finally arrived! We honestly thought these would be done months ago, but we just couldn't stop messing with the ratio of ingredients until we found the dankest blend possible. Our Bee Balm is all natural and will keep your lips moisturized for hours. Our first two flavors are a classic 'peppermint' with an added hint of rose hips, and a mango/guava blend we are calling 'California Sunset.' Here at the Bee Wick Hemp Company, we know that the best ingredients make the best products, and that is why we use the best stuff mother nature has to offer. The ingredients include beeswax, hemp seed oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, olive oil, lanolin, jojaba oil, and essential oils (for flavor). 

If you are a lip balm fanatic, then you absolutely have to try our Bee Balm. The hemp seed oil is incredibly moisturizing, and you'll feel the difference after a couple uses. We have more flavors coming soon, so stay tuned! We worked really hard on these recipes, and we don't want to release our other flavors until we know they are perfect. 

Have any suggestions for upcoming flavors? Comment below and let us know!