Been trying this free sample out for the last week, and let me say that this is the best hemp wick I’ve used! holds a small, slow, steady flame; easily extinguished when you need it; and the smoke tastes better than with straight lighter! Definitely going to be a return customer!
— Cam McCrae via Facebook
I’m towards the end of my sample from Bee Wick, but of all the brands I’ve used (just about everything BUT BeeLine which I can’t find locally) I think I like his best. Doesn’t burn too quick, keeps a small flame when I want it, goes out easy.
— Reddit user alexx138
I got my in the mail just recently. I’m lovin’ it.
— Reddit user Natemink97
Got my free sample of Bee Wick in the mail this afternoon. R/Trees delivered. Thanks guys! You have a new customer!
— Elizabeth Hassett via Facebook
Got mine in the mail last week and absolutely love it! Will be buying some more very soon!
— Colby Richards via Facebook
Got mine today. Wow, makes bong hits taste so much better.
— Reddit user upstage123
Just bought 300ft... best wick ever
— Tam Nguyen via Facebook
Thank you for my sample! I used it and its wonderful.
— Donald Jacobs via Facebook
Bee Wick was my first, but I tried other brands and found that i just didn’t like them as much. I’m able to blow it out and it stays out.
— Reddit user Dred363